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Greetings! Welcome! Bonjour! Bienvenidos! Aloha! Namaste! Salaam Alaikum!

Premise: You Are A Genius.

You are. Its true. Maybe you already know it, and maybe you’re reading because you know it. Heck, maybe you’re reading this because you don’t know it and have a hard time picturing it right now. Maybe you are seeing your self with an einstein wig and mustache (not necessary, but fun) or maybe you see yourself as learning disabled, or slow. Anywhere we start from its important that our eyes are forward –on the goal. The goal is the discovery and appreciation and control of the wild bronco genius raging inside all of us. You have no idea how powerful your genius is -yet.

This is HUGE.

It is exciting to imagine you participating in this experience along with me and the other friends we have here. Inherent in us all is a wildly capable, sometimes frustrated, and always obedient genius. We all share the capacity for more than we could ever ask, think or imagine –and all this while completely at peace.

Standard Genius. We all have it -we are using it right now. The Lord knit us together with all His likeness. Imagine that! The significance of our makeup laced throughout the experiences and outcomes in our lives. And I dare you to comprehend all of His likeness in you. I dare you.

So, now you can see why I am so excited to have you participate! This is a site for you. A place where you can come to lean, teach, believe, doubt, exchange all of you for someone else and back again! Please honor us with your experience. Your perceptions, your wisdom, your life —Your Genius.

Consider, just for a second, some of the infinite toys of genius to explore, experiment and play with:

Practically there are skills that you may want to know, or skills you know and want to teach. We are here to enjoy and explore both.

So here are some examples of content (always subject to growth):

*Listening: Truly understanding, and experiencing life along side the one you offer your gift of listening, purely focused on deeply connecting with the one we choose to hear. If you want to learn to see through the eyes of another, to genuinely and empathically experience the world as they do, and/or want to teach us the lessons you’ve learned along the way -please let us know!

*Mathematics: If you are someone that sees the world as the balance and play of equations, or want to learn to see that way -let us know. If you know a shortcut to the quadratic formula, factoring, mental calculations etc., or want to learn these things, share it.

*Neuro Linguistic Programming: This is one of my favorites right now. It is giving me insight on just how dedicated each one of our personal geniuses is to giving us exactly what we are “asking” it to. Learn and teach how to be aware of the patterns that are currently guiding the unconscious choices you make. These can give you what you want and just as efficiently deliver  what you don’t want -cation: genius at work. Learn or teach about the beautiful people we are and the unique ways that each one of us experiences the world around us. Learn why you think the way you do, why you do the things that you do, and the shortcuts  to the state of mind, and ideal outcomes for any situation.  Dave Hasz once said “Sow a thought, reap an action :  sow an action, reap a habit : sow a habit, reap a character : sow a character, reap a destiny…”   Change your thoughts, change your life.

*Cooking: Got a killer recipe? Want some of mine? Check it out, a few dishes I’ve collected from my travels to start us off; and lots of room to try out your culinary designs as well -oh please, teach the delights that fill your kitchen or grill.

*Business: There are some phenomenal teachers out there that are making business accessible through their genius to ours. I’ll list the ones I’ve really liked and look forward to hearing all about yours. If you have any business ideas that you want feedback on, or want to give feedback on mine -Let’s Play!

*Poetry:  “A Poet is someone who can Pour light into a cup, Then raise it to nourish Your beautiful parched, holy mouth.” -Hafiz    Do you enjoy learning, or teach how to write poetry? Want to read the poems that have touched the lives of others? Would you consider sharing the words that have touched you? Would you honor us with the poems that you have written?  -oh, please, please let me hear the poems of your life, whether written by your hand or the hand of someone that seems to cradle your life with their words -I can’t wait!

*Choice: The deep genius of intuition that rises from the abyss to light our way along the path our heart desires. And then consider, in contrast, the genius of precision we employ through our complex networks of analytical  strategies.

*Our genius even shapes time itself through conscious or unconscious choices about how we play with it. Some of our genius maintains vigilant awareness, and clarity of linear time with all its corresponding implications, as it stretches out cartesian arms to both horizons. Then we give thanks for the genius inside of ourselves when we can capture a single fleeting moment, and hold it close to our chest until it swells and expands to fill the universe; so that this moment Is all there will ever be.

And as we learn to recognize the central and universal presence of genius and how each reaches out to the other respectively. We can develop not only respect and appreciation for others, but a healthy respect and appreciation for ourselves. We can enjoy who we are.

Because somewhere inside when we get still, we know: The desire to be a genius, only rests in the heart of one.

It is central to who we are and why we are here.

Is that all?   Nope, this list will continue to grow as we encounter awesome people and their unique expression of themselves in this world.

So, I think you get the idea -or is that just my perception 🙂

Genius comes standard with every human. And this will be a place to learn how to befriend our own personal standard genius –its gonna get wild.

Any ideas?     Oh, yes… you have some great ideas!


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