We know our minds are powerful. And often we try to narrow that power into it’s most concentrated form, like focusing a beam of light through a magnifying glass. The only difference is that instead of frying ants, we tend to roast our little neurons.


   Imagine a time when you where most full of creative solutions, and positive energy. My guess is -it’s not after three Red bull, with your head buried in the newest book on marketing (oops.) We know that if we feed our mind a challenge while relaxed,  that we are capable of quantum cognitive leaps

but only if we are not completely obsessed. 

Our goals should challenge us and motivate us -but only to the point that our focus remains healthy and beneficial.

Our Challenge here will be stripping down business to it’s essential systems of operation -and to have a blast doing it it.

David DOi   The Buzz-word is Gamification.

How many hours can your nephew play X-Box?  Gamification is the desire to add this element of play back to our work life. This is the kind of enjoyment and positive outlook that breeds all kinds of innovative solutions.

So let’s gamify.



My mom:   Hip to gamification -before it was cool.

I remember her explaining the difficulty  she had getting me to pee in the designated area.


She said, “You knew how, it just wasn’t fun for you after the first few times, so you’d go looking for a more challenging target.”l

Enter Gamification:

Mom recognizes my interest in -shall we say perfecting my aim?

Now, she could have beaten me senseless, understandable if your shampoo just quits smelling right…

or she could have lamented about what a horrible mother she must be -and still ended up with a little extra nitrate in her potted plants. Instead, she stayed relaxed and got creative.

Maximizing on  my already present desire to annihilate  targets, she tossed a handful of Cheerios into the toilet and dared me to sink them!

She made a game out of it.

And that was it (for the most part).

From that day forward I gladly confronted the Battleship Armada Cheerios in our bathroom.

Mom wins -David wins, and it’s fun!       -that’s Gamification.

Tell me how you tossed Cheerios into your daily challenge 🙂

Fill out the form at the bottom.


Meanwhile Check these out:

Okay so I just thought to myself ‘man…links are cheesy looking.’

I really want people to have this incredible teaching, but i’m feeding it to them in an old shoe. It’s only two links. And, I put them in order of cool from top to bottom. The  delivery stinks at the moment but, hey, it’s super material!

A genius friend named Jeremy with an incredible capacity as an entrepreneur, was listening to me complain that no matter how much I paid my staff, I couldn’t achieve more than mediocre results. Bonuses, gifts, awards, didn’t matter. Their productivity actually dropped! I simply had no clue what I was missing. He listened to my woes, and then encouraged me to stop being such a victim.

Yeah, truth can be quite a friendly little slap in the mouth. Later that day I get an email from Jeremy. All it says is: ‘Hey, watch this’  The Truth About What Motivates Us.   If you have not seen this, watch it right now, share it, embed it. This is a short clip full of paradigm shifting genius. Now, I get it!

Learn how to Achieve world-class quality, that is *Affordable at the Bottom of the economic pyramid, *Scaleable and *Easily duplicated across a broad scope of cultures…The Innovation Sandbox This is a PDF with a few selected case studies that will rock your world. How about someone with only a couple of years schooling performing heart surgery -better than the US.

Or prosthetics reduced from a three month process, at a cost of over $20,000 -to a $30 weekend. Yup, game-changers.

P.S. Send me your suggestions on a better way to get this material into the hands of all of our friends. Email or comment with “links are cheesy” in the subject.


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