Algebra – Functions

I’m back in college after 6 years off, to face my fears of math. I have been avoiding college algebra since day one. But like most things, it’s not as bad as I had imagined. It can actually be… well, fun. I’m skipping right to Functions because that’s where my class is, but I would be more than willing to address any other questions -just let me know!

Since starting I have found great teachers on line that make this stuff digestible and my current teacher Ms. Bush is a blessing of grace that has truly given herself to her students. Look her up on line at Panola College. She has helped me overcome much so far.

If you can’t meet with her, I’m sorry. But there are other teachers out there with a calling I’m sure. And until you can find one try this out, it’s called the Khan Academy, and it is absolutely chalk-full of great dynamic explanations.

Functions as graphs:


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