Costa Rica – Roasted Poblano Cutie Pico

What’s up geniuses, Hope you are awesome!

Since everyone keeps telling me how much they loved Marco’s Salsa

I felt compelled by the Spirits of Salsa

to channel for you

another bright and friendly tongue-tickle

for your decidedly daring palates.

Roasted Poblano Cutie Pico De Gallo


  1. pico de gallo, pico, salsa, poblano orange salsa, cutie


                • 4 Roma tomatoes (de-seeded)
                • 6 Cuties (the little sweet oranges)
                • 1 white onion
                • 1 poblano pepper(roasted)
                • 1 jalapeño (minced)
                • 1 bunch parsley
                • The juice from one lime enjoy! Soo tasty 🙂

And you’ll probably want twice the chips you planned on!


–These steps are short and will only take about 15-20 min Total from blog to bowl–

  1. First wash all of your lovely produce
  2. Turn on the broiler on your oven or toaster oven and move the rack to the top shelf
  3. Place the whole Poblano peppers directly on the top shelf oven rack
  4. Now go ahead and cut the Roma tomatoes in half and use your finger to scoop out all of those gooey little seeds, and throw them at a good friend (Extra seeds, and other such tomato guts, increase the acidity and water down your pico, much better on a friend than in your pico.)
  5. Dice all of your de-seeded Romas into a medium sized bowl (smaller veggie-chunks makes for easier chip handling 🙂
  6. Check your poblano peppers -if they are blackish and bubbly, that’s perfect, flip it over so you can black & bubbly the other side too.
  7. Now peel and dice up your cuties in the same way and toss them into the bowl with your Roma tomatoes
  8. Peel and Finely Chop up the white onion into the bowl with your other goodies
  9. Check your poblanos!! They should be perfectly black and blistered. If not continue broiling.
  10. Once the Poblanos are blistered like a tourist at the beach, pull them out of the broiler and run them under some cold water.
  11. Peel the blistered skin off of your roasty peppers. Take your time and get as much as you can. It should peel off fairly easily. (remember to turn off the broiler)
  12. Now dice your roasted poblanos and slide all that lovin’ into your awaiting Pico Bowl with rest of the party
  13. Grab you jalapeno and cut off the stem and cut out all the seeds
  14. Mince your de-seeded Jalapeno finely, and add into your little bowl of happiness
  15. And thank God for Cilantro! Chop it very finely and bless your Pico with its goodness –stems and all (oh yes I did)
  16. Finally you may christen your pico with juice from one lime (sometimes 2 if you’re a limey lover like my dear wife)
  17. Stir until all the num-nums are evenly distributed -so each chip gets a fair dip.
  18. Then gingerly carry the bowl across the threshold of the fridge and let it rest a while
  19. I know you want to eat, and you can
  20. But the taste becomes even more complex over a few hours

Okay so here’s the hard part(if Pico de Gallo can have a hard part) -if you wait a few hours and let the flavors meld, you get this blast of roasty-sweet, cilantro-lime, spicy-cool vitamin rocket that just might send you wooshing off into space.

If you don’t wait you get to travel along the journey with your pico friend. You get to experience the flavors mature -if there is any left after a few hours- and you may still go wooshing into space if you like.
Confession–I never wait.
Tell me how you like this one friends, and be sure to send in your favs so we can post them here for all the world to digest 😉


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