Mexico -Marco’s Salsa Verde -Oh my.

jalapenos for salsa verde

I was working at this Italian restaurant for a couple of years, knew the menu well. Then this one time one of guys in the back of the kitchen is cooking God knows what in a pot full of water, but it doesn’t smell like Italian food.

So I ask “Hey Marco what you doing man?” and then he speaks two words that will forever change my life “Salsa Verde…”

I walk around to where he is and he smiles and lifts the tin foil covering the top of the pot  -and it looks like the depths of Hades.

We’re talking a pot full of nothing but jalapeños.

Marco sees my face and laughs, “… You just try’em and you see.”

And though I’m not a big fan of internal bleeding, I agree to try it -oh my.

About twenty minutes later he serves up this incredible salsa that keeps me shoveling chips into my mouth.
And here I am offering you the same thing “…you just try’em and you see.”

The recipe is way simple and it’s flavor is addictive.


All you need is 30 jalapeños (yes I’m serious)

3 large white onions,

4 tomatillos,


3 big fists full of fresh garlic -oh yeah.


Put everything but the garlic in a big pot of water and boil until the stems pop off the jalapenos with no effort.

Once the jalapeños are ready -everything is ready.

Put all of the ingredients into a blender along with the raw garlic. Blend into the consistency of your choosing little chunky little smooth either way. I like mine somewhere in between and salt to taste.


You’re done; thats it!

Amigo, now you’ve got a fat bowl of the best stinkin’ green sauce this side of the river, so grab a bag of chips
it’s siesta time.


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